As an APRIORI FIELD:WORK OPERATIVE we encourage you to use a series of forms which we have developed in an interest to archive and index our work for current and future use / access.

These forms are available for download and use from the sidebar as you navigate through this website.

The BASIC FORM TYPES you will find are:

  • Standard Inquiry
  • Findings
  • Objectives
  • Procedure
  • Works Cited
  • The RESEARCH AREAS / TYPOLOGY into which these are indexed are:

  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Machine
  • as well as the intersections betwen these three.

    For each form you will find color-coded variations based on the research areas you are working in and/or the intersection between these (ie: plant related_findings; machine-animal related_procedure, etc). For and overarching inquiry that applies to all research areas, for instance, you would use the fully intersectional form-set, for “machine-plant-animal-related” Field:Work.

    If you have signed up through our Field Operative Dashboard, then you will receive further instructions as to how to submit completed Field:Work forms both online and off. A fully functional database is under construction and you will receive information when it is operational.