||Welcome to the APRIORI FIELD:WORK Dashboard||

Our research is emergent and invites collective collaboration.  On this page you will find rotating calls to engage in observation, unconventional data collection, as well as prompts and templates for engaging in field work extensions from our central questions.

This non-hierarchical, commons-driven work increases in both impact and capacity to scale as our founding team are joined by a growing number of decentralized Field Operatives at as many sites as possible. You can join our effort by signing the register below as a representative for your biogeographic province!

There is no need for related prior experience or institutional schooling of any sort in relation to this initiative. In fact, it is essential to us that this work is simultaneously a return to the immense value of every member of a commons citizenry, beyond and against the hologram of late capitalist logic.

Please tell us a little more about yourself so that we may best orient you into our current initiatives and understand your interest in APRIORI!

The provocation below will add you to our register of interested field operatives.

Welcome to the team.

{privacy notice: APRIORI will never collect or share your information or data without your consent}