Current APRIORI research areas map the intersections between Animal {A}, Plant {P}, and Machine {M}, and is indexed along these lines. The following topic areas, the connections between them, their implications of and on, and their application begin to sketch out some of the questions driving the work underway:

  • plant intelligence and medicine
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning (and histories of, including cybernetics, computation, textiles)
  • spellwork / witchcraft / ritual/ practices that colonial histories deem unknowable/ false/ unhistorical


You can find and download the various forms we use to document, index, and archive our experimentation and research in the sidebar as you navigate through this website.

More information about these forms and how to use them can be found at FIELD:WORK_FORMS.

If you are interested in becoming a FIELD:WORK OPERATIVE, please join our growing network using our dashboard / onboarding page.


Some examples of inquiries that have been engaged in by APRIORI operatives include:

{A-M-P}: Logical structures / witches teach meanings
{A-M-P}: Signs
{A-M-P}: Spells – 001
{M}: On the nature of machines
{M}: Preliminaries for an algorithm
{M}: Proprietary natures of machine learning
{M-P}: Can computers make meanings?
{P}: Structure of plant networks

You will soon be able to find and explore a full index of downloadable publications of our recent findings under a CC-BY-NC open access commons license.